hello there… I’m louise…

… Im so happy you’ve found my little website, which isn’t perfect but its how I’ve created it, slow, simple and easy to navigate. Welcome, and thanks for dropping by.

By day I’m a Children’s Mindfulness Coach working with parents and teachers to create a calmer environment for little ones. Having worked in Education for around 25 years I saw a huge increase in children with anxiety, and a lot more children sensitive to the school environment. I felt the fast pace of family life as one of the contributors, everyone in ‘doing’ mode, rushing from one task to the next.  I noticed stress was everywhere, whether at home or school and children pick up on this, despite parent/teachers trying hard not to let it generate into the home or classroom.

I also think too much time on computers, phones, tv, versus not enough time outdoors, being creative, playing and exploring doesn’t help. So I trained children’s mindfulness & children’s mental health to create The Calm Folk, a calmer way of living for families and children.  By night, I’m usually finding ways to simplify my life, walking in the village, lighting candles and sipping herbal tea.

I also LOVE to de-clutter; Ever since I remember I’ve always subtly rearranged, hid or tidied away, to create the feeling of space, which subsequently creates a feeling of calm. It made total sense to combine my love of mindfulness and minimalism to help create a calmer way of life for children and families.

I live with my husband Jonny and our French Bulldog Claude in a tiny home in a tiny village in the North East of England. Occasionally my two children, Hollie & Will visit when not at University, usually when hungry or have ran out of funds.

Things I like: Sunrises, beach walks, nature, simple living, calm spaces, candles, herbal tea & cake

Things I’m not so keen on: Being rushed, busy places, primary school SATS, plastic, clutter, olives, strong cheese, & routine